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Easy Back to School Breakfast Recipes

August 14, 2023

Easy and delicious back to school breakfast favorites worth getting out of bed for. Start the day on a sweet […]

Easy and delicious back to school breakfast favorites worth getting out of bed for. Start the day on a sweet note with these simple make-ahead recipes.


I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again. Back to school and back to a new routine which means sleepy kids, busy mornings, and breakfast on the go. I think we can all agree that the hustle and bustle of the morning routine can leave us all feeling a bit rushed and short on time. But not every morning has to start with cold cereal and frozen toaster waffles.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I like to make sure my kiddos are nourished with a warm, homemade meal before they head out the door at the crack of dawn. If you’re anything like me, you might also be hitting that snooze button a few extra times hoping for just ten extra minutes of sleep.

I’ve got just the ticket to save the day with a round up of my favorite breakfast recipes that take just a few minutes to whip together before the house begins to stir. Or, make them ahead the night before and grab-and-go on your way out the door! With these easy back to school breakfast recipes in your back pocket, your weekday mornings will be smooth sailing.

Raspberry Streusel Muffins

glazed raspberry streusel muffins in muffin tin with fresh raspberries

These raspberry streusel muffins are soft and fluffy and loaded with the bright, tart flavor of fresh raspberries. Complete with a buttery streusel topping and a simple vanilla glaze, only thirty minutes and a muffin pan stands between you and a dozen of these buttery, berry filled muffins.

Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

close-up of sliced lemon poppy seed cake with vanilla glaze

This Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf could technically be called cake. Or bread. Call it what you will….I call it sunshine on a plate. It’s moist, perfectly sweet, not too tart and just all-around delicious. This loaf freezes beautifully and can also be made into muffins for a quick grab-and-go breakfast. It’s one of the most popular recipes on the blog so be sure to add this recipe to the top of your baking list.

Double Chocolate Espresso Muffins

double chocolate espresso muffins topped with chocolate chips in white paper liners nestled in muffin tin

When that midweek slump hits, might I suggest a batch of these Double Chocolate Espresso Muffins. Because whatever the question…chocolate is the answer. And if you aren’t a big coffee lover, don’t despair. You’ll still love these muffins, I promise. Don’t forget the mini chocolate chips because more is just, well…..better.

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

slices of lemon blueberry pound cake on parchment paper

It may not be a green smoothie, but this cake packs a citrus punch and is bursting with anti-oxidant filled blueberries. Let’s just call it healthy-ish. Make it in the spring, summer or the dead of winter – it’s a real crowd pleaser any time of year! 

Mini Everything But The Bagel Biscuits

mini everything but the bagel biscuits resting on top of baking sheet dusted with flour

These ultra buttery, super flakey, mile high biscuits bake up in just thirty minutes from start to finish using basic ingredients and one bowl. Topped with a generous sprinkling of Everything But The Bagel seasoning, these savory biscuits will be the star of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

The Best Blueberry Streusel Muffins

glaze dripping off the top of a blueberry streusel muffin

The best blueberry muffins you’ll ever have! These muffins are soft and fluffy, bursting with fresh, juicy blueberries and topped with a scrumptious brown sugar streusel. Serve warm fresh from the oven. #MuffinMonday never looked better!

Chocolate Lover’s Banana Bread

slices of double chocolate banana bread topped with melty chocolate chips

Ohhhmmmmgeeeee, there simply aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to describe just how good this Chocolate Lover’s Banana Bread is. I know what you’re thinking…that’s a whole lotta chocolate! But hear me out…it’s made with two whole bananas which is fruit and fruit counts as breakfast. Also, it’s super soft and tender thanks to a generous scoop of greek yogurt so I think we can all agree this bread is worthy of breakfast. I dare you to have just one slice!

Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins

fresh bakery style chocolate chip muffins in vintage muffin tin

Everyone knows that the muffin top is the best part of any muffin. Make it crunchy, crackly, sugar-crusted and studded with chocolate chips and you can count me IN!!! And the best part is, you probably have all of the ingredients you need in your pantry.

Pumpkin Bread With Streusel Topping

slices of pumpkin bread with streusel topping resting on cooling rack

Just when you thought you didn’t need another pumpkin loaf, in walks this brown butter pumpkin bread with streusel topping. It’s super moist, perfectly spiced and the crunchy brown sugar crumble and sweet maple glaze are a match made in heaven.

Glazed Old Fashioned Donut Cake

overhead view of donut cake in bundt pan

Need I say more? I think we can all agree that old fashioned donuts are the best donuts EVER. They have that soft, cake-like interior and a sweet, crackly glaze I cannot resist. The only thing better than an old fashioned donut is a JUMBO old fashioned donut cake, amiright? 

Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins

pumpkin chocolate muffins on wire cooling rack

These easy and delicious pumpkin chocolate swirl muffins are bound to be your new Fall favorite! Pumpkin spiced muffins swirled with ribbons of rich chocolate make the perfect breakfast treat on the go or a cozy after-school snack.

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Pull Apart Bread

cinnamon chocolate chip pull apart bread

Sweetened with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon sugar and mini chocolate chips, this pull-apart loaf is as much fun to make as it is to eat. One slice turns into two, two turns into three and before you know it, the whole loaf is gone.

Apple Cider Donuts

homemade apple cider donuts dusted in cinnamon sugar resting on wire rack

Dust off your donut pans bakers! These soft and fluffy Homemade Apple Cider Donuts are dipped in a crunchy cinnamon sugar sprinkle for a cozy and delicious Fall breakfast treat. Make a batch in 30 minutes or less!

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

stacked slices of chocolate chip banana bread

A super moist chocolate chip banana bread chock full of cozy cinnamon, sweet banana and nutty brown butter. This one bowl recipe comes together quickly and is the perfect way to use up those over ripe bananas hanging around your kitchen. This banana bread freezes beautifully so be like me and double the batch!

Easy Peach Streusel Muffins

close-up of glazed peach streusel muffins

I wasn’t a huge muffin fan until I started making my own when my girls were little and breakfast on the run became a real necessity. Store bought muffins were always too big, too dry, too loaded with mystery ingredients no one could pronounce. These streusel topped muffins are soft and tender with the most perfect crumb. They’re delish with fresh peaches but feel free to use any fruit you have on hand.

Happy baking!

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    These fluffy pancakes came out perfect and incredibly easy! Thanks for the bonus recipe and love all these delicious quick breakfast ideas!!

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